CPC wrapup

i have been completely overwhelmed by the awesomeness of both CPC orlando and san diego.

it was amazing to be at both this year. double the conversations. double the awesome.

i guess the thing that sticks out the most every time we're talking Tru and spiritual parenting is the fact that we are not alone. there is a tribe. my tribe. my people who speak the same language and dream the same dreams.

we are hilarious. hil. ar. i. ous. seriously i can't tell you how many times i laughed so hard i cried. this picture only has a few of the many. there are so many more...many who will be coming to RH in May. i cannot wait. so much awesome in one place.

it was also amazing to meet new people with questions and stories and more questions. we were laughing at how a few years ago some of these things that we now speak freely about...spiritual formation for kids, worship as response, 10 environments, etc...were once SO hard to wrap our minds around, but now...now, we live it and breath it and share it well.

here's the thing...this curriculum, and this philosophy hasn't only changed our kids and parents. it's changed us in some profound ways. i am a different person than when we started this journey years ago. it's affected my volunteers and their friends and families. the reach is far and honestly, overwhelming sometimes.

so as i returned home and started missing my tribe like i always do...i started looking forward to the gathering in May, when we'll all be together and can share more stories of what God is doing! and laugh, of course we will laugh! 

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