new friends.

we've been MIA for a little while now...okay, a long while, but that doesn't mean a lot hasn't been happening. i've been super busy at work which usually means some things (like blogging) just don't get done because i am exhausted when i get home ;)

The  things that have really stuck out for me personally in the last couple of weeks have been the Playhouse makeover and CPC Orlando and San Diego. All of these things have shown me that even though i'm just one girl running a very large ministry (with my awesome Heather of course), God has given me amazing people to come alongside me, support me, and be in this with me. see that picture of the Playhouse up there? that's our large group room for preschool. that is where preschoolers worship, hear from the Big God Story and respond to God. it's an important room and to be honest, it's been a little neglected. we just haven't had the time to do anything in there...including just maintaining. SO that's where new friends come in. RH has a team of incredible volunteers who create the look for the Centre (the main gathering room). This team also implements vision for big events like Christmas and Easter...among other things i'm sure. Well, this team took our vision for StudioK and the blessings room and created beautiful spaces for us. It was great, but the Playhouse had to wait...until now :) They worked over a couple of weeks to literally make my dreams come true in this space.

It was so fun to see 4 years of dreams come to fruition! and the best part was that i didn't do it. not because i didn't want to...it actually made me sick a little that i didn't think to go in and help at all. i don't like missing out on process, especially in my spaces. (note to self: when we redo the Playhouse in 10 years, make sure to help out) anyway, it was amazing to feel supported by a team that is not my own...not only because stuff got done, but because i have a lot of new friends. sometimes being in a big church can make it tough to be connected...i don't usually feel that because i know my volunteers, and families and kids and the staff, but outside of that  i don't usually meet new people. now, i not only met new people, but have new friends. new faces to look out for in the crowd...people that sacrificed their time to work on something near and dear to my heart, and for THAT i am incredibly thankful.

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