micah these days.

micah is a crazy fun kid. exhausting, but fun. we are able to do so many more things with him now and he is communicating up a storm. he gets new words daily, and is starting to string them together. he'll say, "please, mama." he'll also suprise us and start saying a bunch of words that actually seem like a sentence...of course it's a sentence of all nouns :) his latest and greatest was "mama, nie nie, car, bye bye, play." to which of course i said, "oh, you want mama to get your blankie and take you in the car to go to play at the park?" he said yeah.  ha! what a fun time it is to be his mama.

he's still napping and sleeping great. eats any non-kid food...the kiddy stuff doesn't exactly do it for him. he loves to be outside and has been asking to go on walks a lot. he's FINALLY interested in books which makes this mama's heart happy.

things are good around here despite the lack of posts. micah is growing and learning and being awesomer than awesome :) i like to make up words. 

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