easter 2012

Easter was amazing. AH-MAZE-ING. the end. just kidding :) if you happened to be quick on your google reader yesterday, then you might have caught the first draft of this post which ended up being way more soul bearing that i was ready for so i took it down. it was long and drawn out and was like a journal entry that wasn't meant for anyone but me and God, and so that's where it'll stay...in my journal :) BUT, the good news is, i'm still going to wrap up our amazing easter...remember, AH-MAZE-ING. i'll try to be quick and more concise this time ::

the top picture in the collage is in the easter Playhouse. it was a labor of love and collaboration which was SO fun. i am thankful for the people that God brought to inspire the vision, and actually make it happen (i do mean you, doug and heather!). God taught be a lot about working in team, letting go, and the responsibility that comes with being creative...this is where my last post went all journally, so i'll stop here.

the bottom left pic is of one of our kiddos. he's a wild child, full of energy, but on sunday, i got to witness a Holy moment between him and God. i listened as he prayed fervently for someone. i couldn't hear all of his words (there were 100 other kids in there at the same time), but i could tell that he was serious and he was in the zone...the nobody interrupt me i am in the presence of the Lord zone. yeah, he was fierce. i later emailed his mom that photo and she wrote back saying that she had asked him what he was praying for and he told her that he was praying for his cousin and two friends to also love Jesus. he's 5. amazeballs.  

the bottom right pic is of a very crowded pacific amphitheater. i'm pretty sure that was my favorite easter service to date. the opening was incredible, the message was great, worship was unbelievable, and the baptisms get me every.single.time. LOVE me some baptisms. people came to know Jesus and be baptized. there's nothing better. 

to sum it up, easter 2012 was incredible. definitely one to remember and definitely once that has changed me. we had a great morning! the afternoon? well, micah had a massive meltdown due to the lack of sleep and then we all slept for 3 hours :)

we hope you had a wondeful easter!

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