that's me! i got baptized a week ago wednesday. i have believed in Jesus my whole life, converted from Catholicism almost 11 years ago, and i had only been baptized as an infant. i always knew that i wanted to, but there were always expectations i put on the experience, and then there were always excuses. on easter, i felt like i needed to do it, but again, an excuse :: work. a few days later at staff meeting, a coworker was sharing his story about why he chose to get baptized on easter and i knew that i wanted to do it, but didn't say anything...then i read an email saying that another guy that we work with wanted to get baptized and everyone was heading to Pirate's Cove for him to get baptized. That was it. it was my time. we all dropped what we were doing and drove to the beach. after being prayed over, i was baptized in the freezing cold ocean! after our staff spent some time worshipping on the beach, and honestly it was an amazing moment. almost our entire office cleared out for it. tons of work to be done, but the work of the Spirit was more important. i am so thankful to be a part of a staff who does that. i don't know many other large church staffs who would be so willing. i love it.

God has been working in me in some huge ways and i am excited to see what this next chapter hold for me. 

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