very soon i will be leaving micah overnight for the first time.

everyone tells me that it will be so nice to get away. they say that i will love it once i'm gone. they also say that the time will pass quickly. they obviously don't know me very well.

i am dreading leaving him. dreading might be an understatement.

i know that there will be some fun, relaxing times, but i also know that every time i pump, and when i lay my head down at night, all i will be able to think of is my little man having to go to bed without his mama. i just keep telling myself...it's just one night...it's just one night...

i am coming home from the retreat early because thursday is my day with micah so i'll need to be back before alex has to leave for work on thursday. i've never been so thankful to have to be home early. would you want to leave this face??

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kathy said...

awwww. i hear ya. I am so glad to be home w both my babes. hope it goes by quickly for you.