first haircut.

i can't believe my baby boy had his first hair cut today. it was much more emotional than i had anticipated...especially when they turned him around so i could see him. there may or may not have been tears welling up.

alex and i have known this day was coming since micah started crawling. he is such a mover and his hair is in his eyes all. the. time. if only there were hair barrettes for boys ;)

knowing i wouldn't be trusting of just anyone with my boy's beautiful hair (spoken like a true mother, right?), we enlisted the skills of our friend Jason. he works at Salon Gregories across from fashion island, and it felt a little funny taking our baby there for a cut at just under 9 months :)

jason did a fantastic job, and didn't change the overall look of micah's hair but trimmed an inch off the longest sections to keep it from going into micah's eyes, and trimmed around his ears. micah looks SO big now and all of a sudden seems that much older...i'm not ready for him to grow up so quickly...but he sure is cute :)

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