independent woman?

today i am going to see a very good friend in a play...a musical, i think. she set aside a ticket for me, and only had a limited amount, so i'm going alone.
by. my. self.

i don't normally go places by myself. i don't dine alone, i don't see movies alone...who are we kidding, i rarely get to even go to the bathroom alone anymore! tmi? me? never!

so i had a mini panic attack when i realized that i have to find the place all by myself. that i will have to figure out where to park and figure out where the will call window is.... i have never been independent...just ask my parents ;) as i type this, i want to laugh because i know it's silly.

but, i am a strong girl. i run a ministry. i oversee dozens of volunteers. i am a mama. i communicate with hundreds of families. at any given time i play the part of carpenter, doctor, interior decorator, party planner, spiritual advisor, psychologist, painter, and many more....but finding that theater?? no way. super anxious. what the heck is that about??

so what did i do? i text my friend at 10:30pm to find out the specific address one more time. poor girl was probably already asleep since she has a show to put on in the morning!! sometimes it's so funny the things that paralyze us. for me? finding the theater and parking. here's hoping i can do it ;)

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kathy said...

You can do it! And enjoy it!