nine months.

this post is almost a week late..which i hate because he changes every.single.day. I'll try to keep it true to last week!

the past nine months have flown by. when you were born, i thought about the point at which you would be nine months and how big you would be...and big you are! at your nine month check-up, dr.brown let us know that at 30.25 inches long, you are officially off the chart! your weight is slowing down, but you're definitely still beefy!! you weighed in at 21 lbs. 12 oz. you are mama's big guy!! you still only have two bottom teeth, but we're hoping that the two top ones that have been hurting you will come through SOON!
if i had to use one word to describe this stage, it would be FUN!! we laugh together and just have so much fun playing, crawling around (you love to chase us around the house!), dancing, and being silly. we just love spending time together and watching you explore your world. you are very curious and still very busy :)
right now you are an adventurous eater and have begun eating just about everything. your newest favorite was a clementine. you loved it. you are still not eating bigger quantities of anything, but we're just thankful that you're eating solids again.
when you were sick last month, you started waking again every night to eat. even after you got well, you kept it up. last night was the first night in 6 weeks that we didn't feed you. you cried for 15 minutes, then fell back asleep and we didn't hear from you until 7am! we're hoping that after a few more nights of crying will be all it takes to get you sleeping solid again! you are much happier when you have slept well...so are mama and daddy!
speaking of daddy....you say da-da all the time. it's the only thing you can say, but still. you have started to call out to your daddy when he walks out the door and cry for him and call his name (da-da) when he leaves every day for work. it's very sweet. you LOVE your da-da and get so excited to see him.
my little man, you are in the final stretch towards your first birthday....that your mama is already planning :) you will be moving to your big boy carseat this weekend because in another inch and a half you will have outgrown your infant seat! we are looking towards the future with excitement. we love you more than words could express.


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