i love BabyLegs! (our first giveaway!)

Well, as it turns out, the kind people at BabyLegs (www.babylegs.com) saw my last post about boys in leg warmers and asked me to review some products. I was THRILLED, and Alex reluctantly agreed that Micah could try them out. We received our package in the mail about two weeks ago, and the leg warmers AND socks have become favorites around here. Here are a couple of shots of Micah in his BabyLegs leg warmers::

(alex called this stripe overload...these are called Electro Stripe)(Micah passed out facing forward which was hilarious!! he's wearing his BabyLegs Race Track leg warmers)

Funny enough, the weather turned chilly just after we received our BabyLegs, and we have been able to put them on Micah multiple times. Now remember, the reason I first posted about boy in leg warmers was because Alex and I disagreed on whether or not they are okay for boys. Much to my surprise, Alex actually thinks Micah looks cute in them, and chose to put them on him on Sunday when he got Micah dressed for church!

Not only are they incredibly cute, but they are really practical! They make diaper changes a breeze and totally keep him warm! I also love that while they are tight enought to stay up and they don't seem to bother Micah's legs...and we all know that if they were going to bother anybody, it would be Micah seeing as he has massive thighs!

I don't have any pictures of Micah in the socks, but believe me when I say that I am SO in love with them. As any mama knows, baby socks are constantly needing to be adjusted or picked up off the ground because they have fallen off. These socks are so different! They actually stay on his feet, and fit really well. My little guy doesn't stop moving and has been known to kick off any socks or shoes we put on him....except these! The socks are functional and adorable and have become my go to socks when we go anywhere :) These are the two sets we have (Rail and Grind) ::

cute, right?

Well, I am excited to announce our first giveaway! The wonderful folks at BabyLegs have offered up a grab bag to one of you! To enter the giveaway, head on over to Facebook and become a fan of BabyLegs (http://www.facebook.com/BabyLegsFB) and follow them on twitter (if you have one). Come back here and leave a comment on this post letting me know that you have become a fan/follower. Just for fun, you can let me know which product on the BabyLegs site is your favorite. A winner will be chosen on Friday, November 5th.

*As an added bonus, BabyLegs is offering a 20% off coupon to all of YOU! Just type in PAVONES at check out. This coupon is good through November 25th.


Anonymous said...

I'm not entering your contest, because I don't have a baby. But, I have to say that you.. or should I say, Micah, made a believer out of me. When you first posted about putting your little man in baby legwarmers, I thought you were nuts.. but as soon as I saw the first picture of those chunky little legs in that colorful knit - I was hooked!! :-)

Ashley Craven Johnson said...

i totally love these. would love to have some for the baby that we are planning to conceive soon!

kathy said...

Okay, so I "like" babylegs on FB now! (I don't tweet)
Also, I looked at all the stuff on their site and EEK! I love so much of it. I started making a list. And its long :)

Rachel Ortiz said...

Pretty sure I was behind this from the beginning. Who knows if you could have convinced Alex and 99.9% of RH that boys should wear BabyLegs without me!

meeyeehere said...

I like them on Fb and twitter too!!! I love the little snow men baby legs and all the Christmas baby legs. I have bought several pair before.I have bought some for my niece and a pair for my son.Got my fingers crossed.Thank you!!!!YAY!

TruthHole said...

follow them on twitter and facebook like@truthhole

The invasion boy baby legs are nice


nicole viola said...

love these!! following them on FB and twitter! I like the Asteroid Leg Warmers although I must say they need a baseball design like the cute soccer one!