babylegs, or no babylegs?

This has been a hot topic around our house. With cooler weather on the horizon, I've been really drawn towards babylegs (i'm pretty sure Babylegs is just the brand, but they're basically baby leg warmers). Now, my dear husband (and all of our guy friends...and some of our girlfriends...) pretty much hates them and thinks they're super girly. Of course, my argument is that Micah is a BABY...not a little kid, not a man, but, a BABY. I think they're absolutely adorable, and I finally convinced Alex to let me get some to go under Micah's Halloween costume. The ones I ordered have already been shipped and I can't wait to try them on my little guy! You can be sure that this pair is the gateway pair. I know I'm going to love his chubby thighs in them and then I'll be hooked! Look out Alex, the babylegs are coming!

And for all you haters out there...just check out these cute baby boys!!

(all the pictures are from etsy sites-can't remember which ones though...oops!)


nicole viola said...

I think they're super cute, in fact Gigi still wears hers. I need to get brody some, too!

kathy said...

Tom is a hater. I'm not - they are super cute and practical. One less step between me and a clean diaper - okay! They are great if you do early potty learning, I think thats where they originated from. I can totally see you doing that too. ;)

angelina said...

yay! glad some people are on my side!