five months.

micah, you are five months already! time really does fly! everyday we are seeing more and more of your personality coming through. you are a fun, energetic, busy boy. we're finding more and more that you need a little bit of time to warm up to people before you flash that big gummy grin. We love that when we come home from work, you have big smiles and big laughs for us. You get so excited to see us, and it melts our hearts.

you are still crazy strong...just today, your gongi found you trying to pull yourself up by holding onto the side of your crib. i guess it's time to lower your mattress! you are rolling more and more and if we turn our back for a second, you roll across the entire room! multiple times a day we find you up on all fours...i'm still thinking you're going to be crawling soon!

i love your sweet nature and really, everything about you. we feel so grateful to have you in our lives and sometimes we forget what it was like before you came to us!

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