I have been having a craving for the past two days. The worst part of this craving is that there is NO way to satisfy this craving. Usually if you want something, it might not be convenient to get it, but with this, I CANNOT have it without traveling thousands of miles!

You see, while I was in Hawaii, I fell in love with this ugly looking guy ::

His name is oatcake, and I love him! I can't even describe to you how it tastes because it's so unique. There's a hint of honey mixed with the oaty goodness. This guys is DENSE. He's thick and hard to get down without a drink...preferably a warm chai latte....mmmmm. The biggest problem with this guy is that he only lives in Starbucks on the island of Oahu. None of the neighboring islands even get to have him! Somebody mentioned to me that they've been searching out a recipe for an imitation oatcake and since they mentioned it, I can't stop thinking about it. So, until I convince one of my friends on Oahu to send me one, I'll just keep dreaming!

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