so happy!

around this house, we watch a lot of TV and are so happy that the summer hiatus of new shows is over! i'm generally a homebody and when you add in a job that brings alex home close to 6:30/7pm each night and a baby with a bedtime into the mix, we're pretty much home by 8 every night and that's prime time to catch up on shows in our DVR. Alex and I watch a lot of the same shows, but I definitely have a few reality shows that he's not super excited to watch :) Here's the tops on our list this fall ::

and there are a few i enjoy on my own....Brothers and Sisters, Law and Order: SVU, Sister Wives, Raising Sextuplets...what can I say, I watch a lot of television :)

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gina marie said...

Oh my goodness, I love that our TV queue is pretty much the exact same=)
love you guys!