Micah's favorite toy is his crinkle square...he plays with it constantly. I was determined to find one and there were so many on etsy to choose from that I just had to get two! I am SO glad that I did because this is the first one I bought...
While I love the fabric, the actual "crinkly" sound is pretty weak. and it's a little small for my little guy to actual hold on to for any amount of time. He actually flings it up by his face and then either forgets that it's covering half of his face or doesn't remember how to hold it to get it down so he does what anyone would do and plays it off like he doesn't care that it's just hanging on his head. :)

The second one I bought is my favorite (and his)...it's larger, has quite the crinkle sound, and has minky fabric on the back side!

Love it.


kathy said...

CUTE. What is the the etsy site you got it your the blue one with elephants from?

angelina said...