four months.

I'm a little late on his four month post...partially because of my internet fast, and partially because I haven't been feeling 100% this week. bummer.

so on to the good stuff....

once again, I can't believe that another month has passed! this month you started rolling over which was a very big deal for us! you actually started rolling over from tummy to back on the 7th which was just before you reached four months, and today you mastered back to tummy! we love your laugh which you are doing more and more often. you also started being ticklish this month with the sweet spots being under your right arm, and right under your neck. you are crazy strong (and you should be since you weigh in at a whopping 17 lbs!) and along with rolling over, you scoot yourself off the blanket multiple times a day! You prefer "standing" and pull yourself to a standing position whenever someone holds your hands. I have a feeling that you'll be crawling early.

you are becoming more and more interested in toys. right now your favorite is your crinkle square (a big thanks to gina and ryder for recommending that one!), and your teething ring that you so often wear as a bracelet :) you also went in your jumper for the first time and loved standing up but get tired of it pretty quickly. you also got a new jumperoo that you are learning to love.

you continually bring us more joy and while it makes your mama a little sad that you're growing up SO fast, I am loving each new stage with you. I love the way you light up when we smile at you, and I actually love the way you are a little shy with new people (or people you don't see all that often)because it reminds me of...well...me! Sometimes it makes us laugh at how quickly you change from laughing to crying. That's why we call you "light switch." You love when we sing to you, even though neither mommy nor daddy has a good singing voice. I am trying to bust out all of my little kid songs for you and your favorite is Skidamarink...we sing it often, and usually a little bit of singing will calm you down when you're fussy.

you are adjusting well now to being with daddy and gongi while mama is at work. you'll take naps with them and even gave daddy a nice long 2 hour nap today! that's a big improvement from the past few weeks. you are such a big boy, and i am thrilled that you are not having as hard of a time when mama is gone. my favorite days are the ones i get to spend entirely with you...from the time you wake up until you go to bed. Thankfully, there's more of those than the days I'm away from you...i might be a basket case if those were reversed! i love you and am excited for what the next month holds!


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