seek week.

Last week as a church body, we devoted the week to seeking God through fasting, prayer, and worship. We did this to, "pursue God together to declare to Him that He alone leads our community and that His presence sustains us in ways that power, clarity, and position never could."

Food was not an option for me to fast as what I eat directly relates to micah's food supply :) As I was thinking about the options, TV and internet were the two things that came to mind for me. TV would have been a great one for me, but that would also force alex to fast OR force us to be in separate rooms which I didn't want. For those reasons, I chose internet. Even with choosing internet, I was pretty specific...blogs, etsy, and facebook. I couldn't do the whole internet because I need various sites just to do my job. Even though it was less than a full week, I had a pretty great experience. My eyes were opened to some things that helped me to see myself through some different lenses...some good, and some not so good, but all helpful.

it is however nice to be back online :) i love me some blogs, etsy and facebook :)

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