The wedding invites went out this week, and Alex and I are both so incredibly happy about this! It was quite a process to get them printed, cut, stuffed, labeled, and mailed! I am so proud of Alex, he did a great job on them! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted now, and I can enjoy the last part of my sabbatical!

On Friday night, Alex and I went to the Padres game down in San Diego. We drove to Oceanside and then took the train the rest of the way. Unfortunately, we were in Dodger zone and I decided quickly that Dodger fans are the worst!! (sorry Nicole!) It was freezing cold and so I did have to forgo fashion and cover as much of my face as possible...here are a couple of shots from our night (oh yeah, we got a new camera as an early wedding present, and it's amazing) ::

Alex taking in the view on the train:

out front:

my new favorite Padre...this pic was taken from our seats at the top of the stadium!

trying to keep warm:

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