So my first week back in the office was great! Even though 90% of Monday was spent returning emails, I was able to get a LOT done this week. The funny thing is that after taking 2 weeks off, I am further ahead than I have ever been! It's awesome...of course, it's only because of my amazing intern and team that I am not overwhelmed with everything! Well, because this was such a productive week, I have really been able to enjoy my "weekend." Yesterday I hit the beach with Brianna to start working on the wedding tan, and today, Kathy came over.

It's been rough with the different sabbatical schedules to see the girls from work, but today Kathy came over and helped me work on the wedding favors. We also ate lunch at Haute Cakes. It was so yummy! I had only been there for breakfast before, but lunch was amazing! It was fun to see Kath, and it definitely made favor-making a whole lot more fun!

This week, Alex also got his website up which is awesome. Check it out at here. It's pretty impressive and I'm so proud of him!

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