sixteen months.


somehow i blinked and my baby became a full on toddler. i need to remind myself not to blink too often! you are tall for your age, and most people think you're already 2. you are a ball of energy. literally. you run always and only slow down to sleep! the only calm awake time we have with you is during your "yay-yay," which is micah-speak for yo gabba gabba. it's the only thing you'll slow down for. you love it.

you run from thing to thing. there is no walking. only running. you love to run and climb and dance. active is an understatement. you are also extremely social. you make friends wherever we go. when we're out and about, you are SO happy. you love to say (or yell) "hi" to everyone we meet, and you also are persistent in your friendliness...if someone doesn't acknowledge you when you talk to them, you will repeat yourself even louder until they say hi! on the flip side, you don't stay in the nursery anymore, you just cry for mama. lucky for you, mama is usually right on the other side of the door :) i have to say, because you never had separation anxiety at any point, it's strangely comforting when you cry for mama and daddy.

your current favorite thing to do is to take someone's keys and stick them in the holes on the baby gate. when you get them to hang, you are SO proud of yourself. you back up and laugh and look at what you've accomplished. it's very cute. you have also figured out which keys fit into the doorknob on the front door. you can get them in. you will stand at the door and play with keys for longer than you do anything else.

food wise, you still love all fruits and veggies. if i would let you, you would live off of cucumbers and tomatoes! you do however still love everything your gongi makes you. recently, her shells are your fave. the rice and beans are also standing faves :)

one really fun thing about your budding personality that most people don't get to see too often, is that you have a very sweet side to you. you love to give kisses (just to family. you're a little stingy with them) and are very protective of your mama. if daddy tries to hug or kiss mama, you come right over and push us apart and then want up in mama's arms. it's pretty funny.

micah, it is our hope that you know that you are loved beyond words. you are a joy and every day with you is an adventure. we talk about your craziness and you know what? we wouldn't want it any other way. you are you. 100%. and that's all we want. you.


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