his first time.

hanging with papa at the urgent care.
today my boy had his first of what i am sure is going to be many urgent care visits. he fell off of a kitchen chair this morning. it's something he does confidently several times a day. today just wasn't his day! he fell right as i was walking out the door to go to work. with a call in to a friend, and the pediatrician, i went on my way (he stopped crying within a few minutes and was acting normal). a few hours later, the pediatrician's office called back (yeah, i was a little ticked that they hadn't called earlier!) and recommended that i take micah in to urgent care. so, off we went...i made my dad come with me because alex works too far, and i was too afraid to go alone!thankfully, the doctor said he would put a stitch in if i wanted it, but that he didn't really need it since the cut is on the back of his head and nobody will ever see it. 

after an eventful day for micah (and who am i kidding, me too!), all is well. i am thankful that i got to leave the doctor's office with my healthy and very active child and i thought about the mamas and daddies who don't get to do that. the ones who have to carefully fill out the paperwork because their 17 month old does actually have a long medical history. today, i am thankful for wounds that don't need stiches, and a baby boy who is healthy enough to climb. 

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Sibella Beatriz said...

Poor little buddy!! So glad he's okay!!