two months.

Our little guy is two months old. I can barely believe it! I totally resonate with the saying, "the days are long, but the years are short." I love, love, LOVE every minute that I get to spend with my guy. Micah is such a sweet baby. He is smiling all the time, and even his cry and sad face are super cute! The pouty lip is just too much! He is packing on the pounds, and I am dying to know how much he weighs when we go in for his check-up next week. This month he has really started to look just like my dad's baby pictures. I need to scan my dad's pic and do a side by side of the two of them!

This month he started smiling, started "talking," began drinking another half ounce each bottle, went through a growth spurt (or two!), and moved up a clothes size...what a big month for such a little baby!!

Before he hits the three month mark, I will be going back to work...I definitely have some mixed emotions about going back, but I am trying to focus on the time I have with him, not the time I will be away from him...easier said than done though ;)

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