they're almost here!!

The long awaited arrival (okay, so maybe it's just our staff that has been anxiously awaiting these to be released...) of the first TruWorship albums is quickly approaching (does that sentence even make sense?!). On July 13th (a very special day around this house :) ), Songs From the Playhouse, and Radio the World will be released! You can get these two albums on Amazon or iTunes...I definitely think you should preview and BUY them! (These albums accompany the curriculum we've been working on developing, but are great for kids to have at home as well!!)
"On Songs from the Playhouse (the first TruWorship release aimed at preschoolers), kids join characters Chloe, Jack and Olivia as they enter the world of The Playhouse where the foundations of God's Truth are explored. Songs from the Playhouse is designed to help create environments for preschoolers to respond to the basic Truths of who God is both in the home (or car!) and in the church."

"What happens when ROCKHARBOR church, David C. Cook Publishing and Kingsway Music come together to re-imagine the kid's worship experience? The result is TruWorship's first release aimed at elementary students entitled Radio the World. Radio the World is a collection of eleven songs created specifically to help parents and churches create environments for kids to experience and respond to God. A mixture of current and original worship songs, Radio the World features production by Grammy and Dove award nominated producer/engineer, Paul Dexter and guest appearances by Tim Hughes, Crystal Lewis and Jody McBrayer (formerly of Avalon). With an energetic and current sound, Radio the World stands ready to revolutionize the elementary-aged worship experience"

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