our favs

We have a few products that we've been LOVING since bringing Micah home. We thought we'd share so you can fall in love as well...First is Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap...Baby Mild Liquid Soap. We received this as a shower gift. I put it in Micah's bath basket, and expected to try it eventually. Little did I know that it would become our best friend :) Our laundry detergent is all the way downstairs, and in the garage, so when Micah got some poop on his blanket, my mom grabbed this soap, and put a tiny bit on the stain (the bottle lists about 1,000 different uses for the soap, and laundry is one of them). After we washed the blanket and saw no sign of the stain, we kept using it! It has gotten out tons of baby poop, as well as egg yolk from one of Alex's shirts! We are in love...and we haven't even used it in Micah's bath yet!

I am loving the Dr. Brown's bottles. We tried switching Micah over to the Born Free bottles when we realized that nursing wasn't working, but I think the nipple lets more milk through than the Dr. Brown's, and the Dr. Brown's nipple is much smaller and I think he does so much better with these. I keep saying I, because Alex doesn't love all of the internal parts to clean, or the fact that we only have two of these...I'm not anticipating him being on these bottles for too much longer, but while he's still bitty, I like them!
Lastly, our little guy had his first round of really bad gas. We tried everything to soothe him, but nothing was helping. Let's just say it was a LONG night, and we felt like someone had switched our baby with another. Poor little man was SO uncomfortable, until we got some gas drops for him. We had a different brand than these, but they had the same active ingredient, and two doses later, we had a happy baby. We are thankful for great recommendations like these!

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