new addition to the fam...

....and it's not Micah...at least not yet!

Alex and I had been patiently (or very impatiently) waiting to buy a new car for a looooong time. We both had cars that are/were 10+ years old. In particular, Alex's car had quite a bit of mechanical trouble over the past couple of years and we were tired of dropping money on a car that wasn't even worth what we put in! We were waiting for something permanent with Alex's temporary position to actually go ahead and start looking for a car...and on Friday, Alex got hired on!! I am so proud of him. He has done everything he could in the last two years to provide for our family, and I couldn't be more excited for him to have a job that he actually enjoys! Plus...that meant we could go car shopping!
After a little looking around online, we were sold...we went down to Carmax, talked numbers with our sales associate, and the next day test drove the car and left the lot with it!! Here are some pics of our new "fancy" car. When you've been driving around in either of our two cars, anything newer feels very fancy :)

Welcome to the family 2007 CR-V!

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