Easter 09

It's taken a while to get to this post. Honestly, Easter was awesome, and a ton of work, but there was no down time after. There are big things on the horizon. BIG things. God is moving in CRAZY ways. Sooo... here's the post I started a couple weeks ago.

This year, Easter was AMAZING. I'm pretty sure I say it every year, but this year, there was definitely something different. God showed up in some pretty awesome ways, and our little ones worshiped Him in new ways. It was definitely the most smooth Easter we've ever had, and I can't believe that it has come and gone. Here are some highlights for you ::
  • people came to know Jesus for the first time
  • tons of people were baptized
  • our preschoolers used our response walls for the first time
  • elementary kids went to the main service and worshiped alongside their parents
  • kids accepted Jesus and were baptized
  • we were able to accommodate hundreds of families and create a safe and loving environment for their little ones
  • The Playhouse has a new theme song :)
Those are just a couple of the awesome things that were happening. It's hard to put in words all the ways God was moving, so I'll just stop trying :)

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