Not a Joke!

For those of you who don't know me this is a very big step. I bought a book today. Oh yeah, at a bookstore...to read for for fun. I don't typically do this, hence the "not a joke." I watched a special on Josh Hamilton recently on the awesome MLB Network. I already sort of knew his story and how awesome of a ball player he was. Although after seeing the detailed story of his crazy life I just knew this could be my icebreaker for book reading. I saw Hamilton firsthand last season at an Angels/Rangers game. He threw a ball from practically the wall of center field to home plate with only one bounce before reaching the catcher! He has been talked about as one the best players to hit the Rangers ball club since Nolan Ryan.

He was the number one pick of the 1999 MLB Draft in the first round. After not doing so well in the Devil Rays' minor league team, his life and career took a downward spiral when he experimented with drugs and alchohol. After a couple of near death experiences he knew the slump was over and moved in with his grandmother. It didn't take long for him to recondition, get reaccepted by MLB, and most importantly commit his life to the Lord. He is known as a succesful outfeilder for the Texas Rangers and uses his story to witness to kids and adults. Pretty cool stuff indeed. This is why I have decided to try reading out. Plus, Angelina has found a new favorite player since her favorite Padre has gone on to play baseball in Japan.


nicole viola said...

way to go! can't wait to hear more about it.

Yaya and Papa said...

Awesome Alex! Proud of you!!