The two of us have been quite busy recently. Alex started a new internship, we (RH) launched the alpha test phase of Trû, we moved to Costa Mesa, we (again, RH) hosted 24 churches this past week and trained them on the Trû philosophy and how to use the preschool and elementary curriculum, AND Alex and I celebrated our one year anniversary and his 24th birthday. All of this within the last month...most within the last 2 weeks! Since there's no way to possibly recap, here are some highlights::
  • we upgraded from a studio to a 2 bedroom with an amazing breeze in a great neighborhood
  • alex is enjoying his internship and feels like just being around the guys he works with makes him a better designer
  • Sharing Trû with all of the beta test churches was inspiring and encouraging in so many ways
  • I got over my fear of teaching adults...I had to teach a sample lesson to adults as if they were preschoolers!
  • My good friend Jenny is part of the beta test, and it was amazing to share the vision and product with her...i am SO looking forward to partnering with her more in the future!
  • our anniversary was great and SO relaxing...we had our own staycation and enjoyed our own home!
  • Alex's birthday was super fun with both of our families, but we missed the bennetts!
  • we both love our presents...I got a pink beach cruiser, and alex got a Sean Woolsey painting that he's been wanting for months! He also got a sweet mountain bike from his parents!

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