we love our home.

We love our little home, but there was some white space that had been driving me crazy.

One trip to Ikea solved my white space problems! We got some wall decals for our closet doors. I have been wanting decals since I moved in, but Alex thought they were too girly. He finally gave in and we're both pretty stoked with the result. These ones matched the green in our bathroom perfectly!

We also picked up some frames at Ikea. I was trying to recreate something I had seen on a website (probably www.ikea.com). Of course my super creative husband was able to create something even better than I had pictured! Not only were we trying to fill white space, but we also wanted a place to put our friends and family on display. Prior to having this, all of our pictures were wedding pics, or ones Alex already had here before I moved in. I'm so thrilled with this piece...

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