it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

(again, I've been trying to post these for the past week, but haven't been able to add pics!)

Our little apartment is quite festive these days...we bought our tree last week, and got some other Christmas decorations since neither of us really had any...

Our tree is only 5 feet and we were able to fit it in our backseat!

In case you missed the star in that last photo, here's a close up (we really like black and white!)::

We had a BLAST decorating our tree and our little place. It makes us both so happy to see all the lights and decorations (and the smell of the tree is amazing too!)

My mother in law made us an awesome Advent calendar. We decided to add a little twist by eating the candy (since I LOVE candy canes) and reading a scripture each day. It's been a fun tradition for us to start, and a little way to not miss Christmas for ourselves while trying to bring it to the masses in just 1.5 weeks!

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