seth :: one month

our first month with seth flew by. he's been the most easy going little man. he even smiled for his one month picture! He has only smiled at us a couple of times, but it's so cute when he does! He's eating a ton and only barely makes it to two hours before he needs to eat again. sometimes it feels like he eats every hour! he likes the moby wrap, and loves his swing, but loves to be held more than anything!

we are venturing out most days...mostly because i feel like i'll lose my sanity if i don't. our new stroller has been a life saver. i can do quick trips to the store with both boys and it doesn't feel overwhelming.

life with two has been a lot simpler than we had anticipated. we are adjusting well minus the cold that all 4 of us got last week. we're all better, just seth is still holding on to it, but he is definitely on the mend. we love our little man so much and can't wait until he gets better. we're looking forward to lots more smiles and coos in the next month!

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nicole aka gidget said...

That smile just slays me!!! What a doll he is. xoxo