baby number two.

(34.5 weeks. photo by @alexanderpavone)

there has definitely been a lack in blogging. i was kind of over it, but i love the monthly updates I have from micah's first year and i'm hoping to do the same thing for baby number two. so, i'm back. 

we are exactly 3 weeks out from my due date. that means that our baby is full term! we are hoping that our little seth will make his entrance into the world at least a little early! 

this pregnancy has been a beast. i think i was spoiled with my first pregnancy. micah's pregnancy was pretty much a dream. mild nausea in the first trimester. a little round ligament pain at the end. some swelling in the last month. nothing terrible. this time has been a whole different ball game. crazy nausea and vomiting the first 14 weeks coupled with total exhaustion that lasted well into my second trimester. round ligament pain started pretty much as soon as i had any sort of baby belly. which means a long time ago. and it's only gotten worse. i've tried multiple pregnancy bands and supports, but have found little relief. basically, my whole second and third trimesters have been nothing but pain. poor micah has had such boring days for our days together, but sometimes just standing is more than i can handle. my mom has been wonderful about helping me and giving me breaks to just rest. 

even though this pregnancy was way harder than the first one, it's still amazing that after the pain and the nausea, we will have another beautiful baby boy. we are so looking forward to meeting our little man and introducing him to his amazing big brother. his clothes are washed, the hospital bags are packed. friends are on standby to be with micah while we head to the hospital, now all that's left to do is wait. 

we wait with joyful anticipation of what's to come. there will be sleepless nights and tantrums from micah for sure, but there will also be a sweet baby boy added to our family. i can't wait. 

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