my boy is three. THREE. three is big. three is no longer in the nursery at church. three. THREE.

     at three, you kill us with how funny you are. your sense of humor is amazing and we love that you crack yourself up! you are still obsessed with driving your cars and playing with keys. you ride your trike around our house all.day.long. you take the corners like a champ and leave us amazed. As my belly is growing with your baby brother, you have been so sweet to me. Many times we can't do what you want because I'm not feeling up to it, and you are usually so sweet about it.
     i love the way you love being with your daddy. you go on adventures together most saturdays while i'm at work, and i love seeing the pictures of you loving life with your daddy. Your favorite places to go are the park and the beach, and daddy loves to take pictures both places so it works out well.
     your outgoing personality is still there, although you've taken to being "shy" when you first see people. you love people and you love talking to new people everywhere. you make friends at the park, at target, and everywhere else we go. you get so excited to see your family and friends and you're pretty much obsessed with your grandparents and cousins.
     this year you have grown up so much. there are only a few words left that need translating. Most of your speech is so clear. you're so smart and quick that it amazes us. you're amazing with puzzles and we love to make puzzles together (i love that it's something that i can still do with you during my last month of pregnancy) and you have so many that you're great at. this year also brought a big first for you...your first sleepover! you've stayed at gongi and papa's house a few times now and you love it. you get mad when you have to come home! You're mostly potty trained and are such a big boy. we tried the big boy bed this year, but you just weren't ready. we'll try again soon.
    you love church and love telling me what you learned and what songs you sang. you still love when we sing to you at night, and even with my big belly, we love to snuggle up in the "rock rock" chair and songs before bed.
    We are so looking forward to this next year with you and can't wait to watch you as a big brother! happy birthday my little man, your mama loves you more than you will ever know!

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