kitchen project #1.

as soon as we moved in to this house, i knew that i wanted to do something different in our kitchen. when we first moved in, we had chocolate brown curtains in the kitchen, but i had dreams of a brighter kitchen, especially since we have a big window in the kitchen that lets lots of beautiful light in.

i quickly found some lime green curtains that were way more what i had envisioned. then, i found pinterest. love.

i found tons of great ideas for things i would like to do around our house! i also have some martha stewart dish towels that i LOVE and so i used the colors in them as the inspiration for the rest of the kitchen ::

i have always loved bunting banners and since i do have a sewing machine, i tried my hand at making one! i love the way it turned out...just don't look too closely at the stitching ;)

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nicole aka gidget said...

So cute! I'm inspired now... I don't have curtains on my kitchen windows but bunting would be really cute. Might have to copy you!