fifteen months.

*i just saw this sitting in my drafts...was originally meant to be posted on August 12.

we stopped doing a specific monthly photo, but this one shows how much he's grown!
at 15 months, he weighed in at 24.8 lbs and 32 inches. yowza!

at fifteen months, my little guy is still running everywhere and climbing on everything. he is non stop action and definitely keeps us on our toes. saying he loves to be outside is such an understatement. he's OBSESSED with being outiside! he also loves his milk and even fakes tiredness because he knows he gets milk right before naps! he just dropped his morning nap which is very sad for mama ;) He's talking more and more. he FINALLY said "mom!" micah's current list of words ::

da-ee = daddy
dye-dye = bye bye
toe-toe = coco (my parent's dog)
na-nah-nuh = banana

i might be forgetting one or two because it seems like he's adding words all the time now! as his language skills grow, so does his love for being around people...specifically adults :) he has always been outgoing, but the whole talking thing takes it to a new level! thankfully, he hasn't discovered "no." he'll shake his head, but he hasn't said the word yet ;)

he loves music and dancing and will start swaying the minute he hears some music. he has 10 teeth including 2 molars. his hair is as curly and crazy as ever, and it's probably time for a trim, but we just can't bring ourselves to do it! he hands out the kisses like crazy and we are SO in love!

micah man, your mama and daddy love you more than you will ever know. you are a joy to be around, and we couldn't imagine our lives without you!!

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