seven months.

for some reason, micah was much easier to photograph this month than he has been for the past couple of months!


you're sitting up like a pro these days...sitting has been a progressive milestone for you and one that will have a month long date attached to it, but you have mastered it (kinda)! On a couple of different occasions you have crawled on all fours...just for a few feet, and just a couple of times, but still, we are so proud of you :)

remember how last month I said you were busy? well, last month is nothing compared to right now! you are getting into everything. and i mean everything! You got your first tooth on the 1st of December, and your second one popped through yesterday. teething is a beast. we aren't fans of the pain it causes you :( you are trying more and more foods, and it was SO fun to feed you all the veggies from your gongi's homemade soup...you ate it up so quickly...probably because it was the first seasoned food you've had :) you had another first this month...you went into the nursery at church for the very first time! you were a stud and loved playing in there! oh yeah, and i almost forgot your first thanksgiving! you had a great day (there is a draft about that, but there were so many pics that blogger squashed my post! i'm still figuring it out!) and loved the sweet potatoes that your gongi made especially for you...baked sans seasoning :)

every morning when we go in to get you, you get so excited! you wake up happy these days and spend a good 15-20 minutes just talking or rolling around in your bed. speaking of your bed, one of the things that you do every single nap time is pull off your bumpers. mama is kind of a freak about safety, so you have the breathable bumpers that velcro on...velcro is no match for you!

each month holds so many firsts for you and we love getting to share them with you. your first Christmas is coming up and we can't wait! you are a little stud and we love you!

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