one of those days...

today has been such a strange day.

micah woke up at 7:30am just like any other day. after less than an hour of being awake, he was beyond fussy and nothing was making him happy, so I laid him in his crib and walked out thinking that he would just be fussy in there for a while, but no. no, he did not fuss. in fact, he was asleep within just a couple of minutes. score.

fast forward 3 hours...that's right...three hours later, my little guy woke up! I could barely believe it. had i known it was going to be 3 hours, i definitely would have been more productive instead of lounging all morning!

since then...now 5.5 hrs. later, micah has only slept about 45 minutes and is fussier than fussy. he did cut a tooth earlier this week (that's right, he's a big kid), so I've been attributing it to teething, but i can't help but wonder if he's starting to feel sick for the first time.

it never fails that the day he is extremely fussy, we have somewhere to go. tonight i will have to pack him up and take him to work with me for a very fun event that just might not be very fun with a fussy baby.

i am always thankful when he has days like this with me instead of alex or my mom. of course i prefer good days over bad, but i always prefer to be the one to soothe my guy. is that kinda weird?

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kathy said...

I hate when sleep schedules get messed up. It makes ME fussy!

I hope your little guy isn't getting sick! Thats no fun!

And I don't think its weird to want to be the one with him while he isn't feeling well. You know what he needs, which is mostly just YOU. Heh, I still call my mom anytime I get really sick. :)