i made it...

i made it through my first week back to work. to be completely honest, it wasn't as bad as i expected it to be. i didn't cry at all at work, but some of the nights were tough just knowing i was going to have to leave him again the next day. the hardest part was seeing how much micah was affected by the change. he didn't nap well on the days my mom was here, which was a major bummer for him. he was super tired when i got home and pretty much wanted to be in my arms the whole evening...which i didn't mind, i just felt bad that he was thrown off his routine so much. his day with alex was pretty smooth, and then it was over...no more leaving him for four days!

my days off didn't exactly go as i had hoped...all i wanted was to spend the day at home with micah and instead, i ended up at the dmv (thanks so much dmv for not sending me any sort of paperwork so that i had to spend 3 hours waiting to renew my license!), at the dentist, and then at a baseball game. not exactly the relaxing day i was dreaming of!! friday ended up not being great either as i had a major headache all day and nothing helped! thankfully it was as if micah knew i wasn't feeling well and was extra sweet all day!

micah was a champ for weekend services and i don't think we're going to have a hard time having him at church on the weekends. i'm so thankful that he can be with me! eventually he'll go into a classroom for one service to break things up a little, but i'm not quite ready for that yet :)

i've gotta say...i am truly blessed to have a job i love, where i get to work with people i love and to spend my time away from micah working towards something i totally believe in...all the while having an amazingly supportive family at home!

update :: micah was able to sleep better while he was with my mom today...so thankful he was able to rest and is hopefully adjusting to our new schedule!

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