3 months.

my baby boy is three months old and i can hardly believe it. he is such a joy and i can't believe how quickly he's growing! He's a big boy...at his 10 week appointment, he weighed in at 14lbs. 2 oz, and was 24 inches long...so I imagine he's right around 15 pounds now....the same as his buddies who are a month ahead of him!! his hair is getting longer and longer, and his cheeks are getting rounder and rounder :) we love our little man and this was a big month for him!

this month you have been entertaining us with your constant talking and you kill us with your big gummy grin! You have gotten a lot more control of your neck this month, and just started enjoying your Bumbo chair! mommy is thankful that you still like the Moby wrap because she loves to have you so close to her! we had a big transition this month as i went back to work, and you've been spending two days a week with Gongi, and one day with daddy. It has only been two weeks and you are still adjusting. you are very opinionated and won't let gongi put you on your mat or in your swing...we think it's because that's where mommy puts you! you also don't sleep well when mommy is away, but we're hoping that you will get used to the new routine soon and will sleep better for Gongi and daddy! You were however a champ at church last weekend and did GREAT through all three services....you happened to sleep through the entire 11am service! We love the sweet boy that you are and have so much fun being your mommy and daddy!

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