letter to my favorite pants/capris

hello old friend!
it's so lovely to see you! i can't believe that i have forgotten about you the whole time i've been pregnant! you are so comfy and stretchy (which is key when my abdomen is growing daily!) and when i found you, i couldn't believe that you hadn't come to mind when i was complaining about only having one pair of comfy lounging pants! what happened was that i packed you away in a bin with all of my ugly missions clothes...and i'm not going to lie, you are definitely not in style any longer, however i am pregnant and couldn't care less how fashionable i am around the house! so...i am thrilled that i found you...when i put you on, i can't help but think of sri lanka...thailand...the airport in taiwan, and of course bangladesh. we've been together so long and we've traveled around the world together! I am so thankful for you even if you are faded and old! i'm pretty sure that you will fit well into my third trimester, and i couldn't be happier that i remembered you tonight!


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