We had our 20 week appointment last week. The one where they check out the baby's anatomy to make sure everything is on track, and thankfully, it was. Funny enough we had our 20 week appointment at 18 weeks because of Christmas and the doctor's schedule :) We were definitely not sad to be scanned early! We were looking forward to this appointment since my very first appointment at 8 weeks! Yes, I am a freak and made sure to schedule this one way back then!

We had everyone on standby to find out the gender of the baby, and of COURSE, our little one decided to be extremely modest (or stubborn...i choose modest!). Our tech literally had to dig just to get all of the medical measurements that she needed, much less find out the gender. Our sonogram lasted an entire hour!! When she tried to move the baby, he would just curl up in a ball or cross his legs! It was comical to watch, but I don't think she thought it was very funny :) So, after an hour, we finally got a look and found out that it's a BOY!

Alex and I were a little bit in shock because we had both thought that there was a little girl in there! We are SO excited to have a little boy! It's fun to be able to refer to him by his name! We are so in love with our little man already! We can't wait to meet Micah Alexander :)

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Yaya and Papa said...

We can't wait to meet little Micah Alexander, either!! So very happy and excited!!