December is the best time of year!

I've been wanting to put up some pics of decorations around our house, because, well, we love our little house at Christmas and we wanted to share the pics! So here you can see that my professional christmas lights man decked out our front area :I glued little bows onto mini clothespins for a fun way to hang our christmas cards on garland.
our new living room set up complete with our stockings and the tree!
i bought these simple letters at Wal-Mart, covered them in Mod Podge and then dumped some glitter on them. so fun! Is there anything you CAN'T do with Mod Podge?!
This is my favorite this year...i found a tutorial for this wreath online, and decided to try. I found a huge pack of ornaments at Marshalls for $5, and bam, a very sparkly, very festive wreath!

I hope everyone is enjoying the season...as for this house, we are well stocked with hot chocolate, egg nog, and tons of Christmas cheer!


gina marie said...

I love the decorations! Thank you for sharing your pictures...

angelina said...

no prob gina...you know this post was for you :)