want to eat cheesy pasta for 331 calories?

for the month that Cook Yourself Thin aired, I watched every single episode. basically, they took people's favorite foods and revamped them in a healthy way. i hadn't tried any of the recipes...until last night!

i had gotten home later than i thought, and i wasn't in the mood to cook right when i got home, so i had a late start to begin with, but then as i started cooking the tomatoes, and the zucchini for my stuffed shells, i knew that we'd be eating late, and i was just hoping that it would be worth the wait. man...was it ever! at 331 calores per serving (4 shells), it was more than amazing. i always gauge my cooking and recipes based on alex's first bite, and this time, he actually stopped after one bite to exclaim at how good it was!

so thank you Cook Yourself thin, because really, who doesn't want to eat cheesy, stuffed shells for 331 calories per serving?! go get the recipe here, you won't be sorry!

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