can't wait....

if you know me at all, you know that i LOVE bangladesh. i've been to a few different countries, but my heart literally aches for the people of bangladesh. my experience there has shaped me in ways that would take days to explain, so you can imagine my excitement when i heard that Russell Brownley of the wuss productions was making a movie about none other than Bangladesh...and not just some random movie about bangladesh, but we spent time in the same village with the same surfers, so i know i can count on seeing my friends soon...if only on film . I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Russell, but he did another movie about the efforts of Surfing the Nations in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka...which is where I went in February of '06. So, we have many mutual friends, and I am so excited to see his film about Bangladesh! Here's a sneak peak from his vimeo site along with his description on the video ::

Surfing Bangladesh in HD from Russell Brownley on Vimeo.

Some images from my recent trip to Bangladesh. Its is a glimpse into a documentary that I am working on about a surf club in Bangladesh. Many of the children are street kids or come from very poor families. Some don't even know how to swim, but their love for surfing brings them together and into a way of life they never even knew existed. An ocean that was once deemed off limits due to fear and a very conservative Islamic culture, is now becoming source of fun, escape and even a chance for a way to make a living.

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