I don't watch a lot of commercials. I don't like them. I don't like the way portray people, and I don't like the way that everything from coffee to perfume to sports is advertised with sex. It's awful. I think the product with the worst commercials is Axe deodorant spray. My sister-in-law Nicole wrote a very good post here about some fishy marketing.

So...the other day, a commercial starts to come on, Alex recognizes the opening music and was expecting this to come on::

Yes, that commercial is very funny, and I enjoyed it (when I finally saw it) HOWEVER, that is NOT the commercial we saw that day. We saw Heidi Klum in a very skimpy bra and panty set dancing around to the same song. It was awful. Both Alex and I were bummed that this was on ESPN during some sort of sporting event. Its sad that parents sitting there with their kids watching sports have to rethink that. Something that should be simple is now complicated. Alex and I obviously don't have kids, but we've even talked about not watching live games when we do have kids because the commercials are so bad. It's very clear who ESPN is advertising to...and it's not us.

On a similar note, Alex and I were driving home from Yogurtland last night and an ad came on the radio (on a very poplular station) for adult toys...it wasn't even 10pm! What the heck?! We were shocked. Now, we're not the type to be overly sensitive (well, maybe I am, but Alex is not) but both of us have been continually shocked over the past few months at what is on tv and the radio. Thankfully we can record something and watch it later (we love DVR!), and I think for this reason, we will keep our DVR as long as possible!

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nicole viola said...

ditto. I rant about this often. I can't wait to get a DVR one of these days.