yup, he's awesome.

You might be wondering why Alex is SO happy....well, that's the letter telling him that his GPA earned him a spot on the Academic Honor Roll for the past semester (YES, that was the semester in which he was also planning a wedding!!). I am so proud of him! He's pretty dang talented...you can check out his work here If you know of anyone who needs an awesome graphic designer, I just might know one!

oh and in unrelated alex goodness, we were walking through Ralphs, and Alex was attacked by one of those end-of-the-aisle-cardboard-display-thingies that just happened to be fully loaded with Bluetooth ear pieces. Needless to say, ALL of the bluetooth devices fell off into the middle of the aisle and we laughed harder than we have in a loooong time!


Yaya & Papa said...

Congratulations Alex!! We have always known you are AWESOME!!! Love you lots!

nicole viola said...

Yay, brother! You're the best!