happy birthday to me!

Well, today is my 25th birthday! I'm officially a quarter of a century old. Wow. Today has been a long day (to say the least), and is still going. Right now, it's 8:45 PM, and in about an hour I need to go back to work!! We have to finish all of the VBS set up after the 9pm service that we weren't able to do before the night services. VBS starts at 7:30AM tomorrow with the volunteer devotions...and oh yah, the "little" preschool program for kids of vounteers has morphed into its own monster with 40 kids enrolled! Yikes! I am really in for it!

As for the birthday celebration, my wonderful husband has been treating me like a princess all weekend to compensate for this long work day! Friday, we spent all day together (which isn't all that unusual these days :-)) and had dinner at the Blue Bayou at Disneyland. We had fun walking around Disneyland and going on a few rides. I also received some wonderful new glasses that I have been wanting, and I absolutely love them! I felt very loved and celebrated.

Today I was serenaded by 150 preschoolers which was pretty much awesome! They are so cute and I love them all! It definitely made working on my birthday totally worth it!

P.S. What is going on with the weather?? It is hot, humid, rainy, and there were thunderstorms last night!! Where am I?

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