move over taquita and kaui!!!

so i'm now accepting resumes for videographers who would like to film the crazy antics of roxeanne and i. today we had so much fun, and really we make ourselves laugh so much so i think that if we had our own show, we would make a lot of other people laugh too....the only problem is that we might drive phil absolutely crazy....hmm that may be a chance that we have to take!

so i started off the day thinking that we would go to the alley to go purse shopping, and then head back to the oc for some work time...little did i know that i would get lost trying to get there (it helps if you turn the right way when you exit the freeway!) and then decide that we really need to go to H&M so that we wouldn't have to deal with the crowds at the new one in south coast plaza. well i know that the beverly center is on la cienega before melrose, and i've always taken the 10, asked for a little help with directions, and still got lost!! we ended up making a huge circle before finally finding the la cienega exit! woohoo! i didn't find as much as i usually do, but maybe that's because i was just there a few weeks ago! but yeah, it was fun, and then we had delicious chipotle...afterwards we decided that we were going to try out pinkberry frozen yogurt because roxeanne had been seeing it in magazines and stuff, so yeah we got directions, and even wrote them down, but roxeanne threw them away right after on accident!!! we were just talking about how we lose things!! HA! it was pretty freaking awesome....oh yeah, and we got caught in a wind tunnell and had old man twins sit right by us....AMAZING!

i'm getting tired but i feel like so many funny things happened that i should write about, but maybe y'all will need to wait for the show....but what will the theme song be??

oh and in case you didn't get the memo....this week is FAT week, so enjoy it!


Roxeanne said...

You didn't mention that the picture of us was taken by you while you were driving in the worst traffic ever.

Will said...

leave it to the girlz with pearlz!

haha. sounds like an MTV reality series to me!

Angelina. FYI. Beverly Center is on 3rd and La Cienega. FYI.

angelina said...

fyi will it's on the corner of la cienega and beverly