So, first things first...Easter week. I don't even know what to say about easter because there's so much! it was crazy....CRAZY...125 kids first service, and about 70 second service! we had tons of volunteers, but still 125 kids in one tent is going to be crazy regardless of the amount of help! it was such a fun morning, and i really do think the kids had a great time, and hopefully learned something!

i have enjoyed my time off...shopping a little too much, but hey i earned it! roxeanne is on spring break so we've been having lots of fun. i might gain 20 pounds this week, but i'm going to be having fun! HA!

i've been staying in irvine this week,and it's so nice to be in a big house all by myself...i used to think that there's no way i would want to live by myself, but i actually do like it!

i really have nothing entertaining right now, and i need to get into work, so i guess that's all. boring. sorry.