seth :: nine months

my boy, you are 3/4 of a year old, and man are you hitting some milestones! i was away from you overnight for four days right when you turned 9 months, and when i came home, you had sprouted 2 more teeth and had pulled yourself up to standing. you are still army crawling which is so dang cute! that doesn't mean you're slow though...you get where you want to go SO fast!

you are a butterball of sweetness. you love your family so much and race to the door whenever mama or daddy comes home. you give the best welcome home snuggles!

you are eating tons of solids now. still some breastmilk, and formula. you're picky with the formula and will only eat it if you're suuuuuper hungry. stinker. you like all the food you've tried, and the white bean pumpkin puree is your fave.

you measured in at a whopping 23 pounds and 31 inches! you are already in your big boy carseat and seem to like it just fine. dr. brown said that you are perfect, and i can't argue with that. you didn't even cry when you got your shot.

you and your brother are quite the pair. you like to wrestle with micah and daddy and are not a pushover. you yell to let him know you don't like it if he's too rough, but you give him a decent amount of rough back ;) you're playing together better although i have to keep a very close eye or micah might try to sit on you. generally you just roll with the punches and are very mellow.

happy 9 month little man, we love you!

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